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Personalized Dispute Resolution

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Description of Practice

Personalized dispute resolution tailored to the needs and desires of the parties. A collaborative rather than adversarial approach to finding peace through a resolution that is acceptable to the participants. For additional information, go to

Professional Background

42 years in the industrial setting, with over 20 of those years gaining experience in the dispute resolution process, including conference settlements, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.


Extensive experience with finding solutions to disputes utilizing various methods. Served as partisan member or over 60 arbitration panels, successfully negotiated hundreds of labor agreements including a merger between union and non-union entities, satisfactorily preserving desired elements of both preexisting contracts.


Bachelor of General Studies, Texas Christian University, graduated 1992. Master of Liberal Arts, Texas Christian University, graduated 1995. Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Abilene Christina College, 2016 Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution and Reconciliation, Abilene Christian University, awarded 2016.


I have learned through experience that a resolution developed by the parties is far superior to one imposed by a third party (judge, jury arbitrator). I am confident that the techniques I have been exposed to as well as utilized will most often achieve the desired collaborative result.


$2400.00 per full day, with a minimum of 1/2 day. If the parties are paying the fee, it is to be split equally amongst them, with a two-day "retainer" provided prior to the first session. If the issue is resolved or the process is terminated, prior to the two-day period, the balance is refunded immediately. If the Peacemaker is obligated to travel more than 25 miles beyond the dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, reasonable and necessary expenses will be added to the amount. Meeting and caucus rooms, if provided by the Peacemaker, those amounts are likewise charged separately. There is no extra charge for weekend sessions.

Other Information

We believe that justice is a right, not something that must be fought for. Too often, the adversarial legal system does not produce mutually satisfactory results. Certified by the National Association of Certified Mediators. Member of the Texas Association of Mediators

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator