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Divorce Mediation Center of San Diego

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San Diego, CA 92101
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Description of Practice

I, specialize in Divorce Mediation. We are a one stop/shop center! Everything you need to successfully Mediate your Divorce is available to you. I have been helping couples communicate and amicably resolve conflict, negotiate and compromise for over 36 years. I will prepare your Memorandum of Understanding. I will keep you out of court. You will both be treated fairly and equitably. Your experience will be characterized by goodwill, respect and generosity. I will help you both separate with minimal damage to yourself, each other and (when children) the children. We will design your Memorandum of Understanding to set up everyone to win. Moving forward you will be empowered to “Create Your Own Happily Ever After Life”. Your relationship can grow and support a happy, healthy, and caring post divorced couple and/or family.

Professional Background

During college I opened and ran A-1 Legal and Paralegal Services to put myself through college. I also opened a drop in counseling center run by the students, for the students at UCSC. “Connections” that remained open for several years. I graduated top of my class from Sonoma State University in 1976 with a Master in Clinical/Community Psychology. I also received my elementary, secondary, and adult school teaching credentials. I received my Marriage Family and Child Counseling license in February of 1976. I led group meetings at Los Colinas Women’s Detention Center for 17 yrs, pro bono as a community service. I have taught Parenting, Co-Parenting and Anger Management Groups for over 20 years. I ran a certified Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program from 1992 thru 2002. I have worked with child abuse cases and various government agencies for several years. I have also worked for Survivor’s of Torture International for the past 19 years. Through Santee Family Counseling Center, I still do individual, family, anger management and help couples with their relationship and parenting and co-parenting issues. Because of my extensive experience in all of these areas I have worked with all the Courts, Juvenile, Family, Criminal and Immigration as an expert witness on many occasions. I am now pleased to take all of my experience and open Mediation Center of San Diego as a certified Mediator.




I personally will walk you both through a fair and equitable divorce. You will not be passed off to someone else’s care. I have no hidden fees, and no surprises. For complex cases my in house Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Paralegal is also here to help. I will facilitate a high road/ big picture approach. Your best interests and those of your children, when applicable are my main concern. I will save you thousands of dollars in litigation fees. I will keep you out of court and away from Judges orders, and being at the mercy of someone else’s decisions. Instead of blind justice, the two of you will receive justice with your eyes wide open. I personally take responsibility and accountability for the whole process. We can often wrap up the whole process in a few weeks time, saving an average of 2 years of litigation. In litigation your hearing and records of that hearing are open to the public. Divorce Mediation of San Diego will keep your financial information, discussions and decisions confidential. Custody of children is almost always figured out in the first session making the process smooth sailing from there. You don’t need to make your in-laws outlaws. Families are our main concern. You can part as friends and peaceful effective Co-Parents. Keep life simple. No wonder a majority of my clients agree “That was Easy”! There is also an optional service dog, “Mr. Blue” on duty for comfort and reassurance, upon request.


$400/hour (Often as little as $1,250.00 total)

Other Information

Ed currently runs his private practice with his wife, also a therapist at Santee Family Counseling Center on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Divorce Mediation Center, his Downtown/Bankers Hill Office is open on Mondays and Tuesdays and by special appointment. On a personal note, I have been married for 36 years to my incredible wife Laurel. We have 2 grown daughters who have each provided us with grandsons. I love to go boating, fishing, and scuba diving both locally and a few times a year internationally. I love to spend time living on my boat with my wife Laurel, family, Mr. Blue, scuba and fishing buddies.

Areas of Practice

  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Family
  • Marital Mediation
  • Parent-Teen
  • Pet Mediation

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Arbitrator

This dispute resolution professional keeps liability insurance.