3 Collaborative Professionals Serving Santa Clara

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Stan L Bartelmie
In a supportive, confidential framework, Stanley L. Bartelmie guides couples through the legal and financial issues to facilitate the development of their own mutually acceptable Marital Settlement Agreement. Practice includes mediation, arbitration, collaborative practice and facilitation. ... more
1011 West Taylor Street
San Jose, CA 95126
Fax: 408-286-4142
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Gisette Denker
I enjoy the practice of family law mediation because I consider myself as a peacemaker, serving as a bridge for parties to communicate during one of the most difficult times in their lives. I aspire to provide my clients with a sense of trust in my abilities to calmly move them through the mediation process and help them to craft reasonable an ... more
5824 Antigua Drive
San Jose, CA 95120
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Mark Batson Baril
Resologics provides mediation services to teams and organizations in the middle of unproductive conflict. We facilitate interpersonal and business conversations and help parties find effective ways to communicate, determine the real issues to be resolved, separate emotions from finance, make informed decisions, and implement resolutions.

Our ... more

San Francisco / Reno / Los Angeles
SF / Reno / LA, CA
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