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Jeff Rasansky
Rasansky Resolution Center
My name is Jeffrey Rasansky and I want to help you resolve your case.

At Rasansky Resolution Center, we believe that the solution your conflict should be as easy as possible, efficient, and fair. If you need a mediator in Dallas, Texas, call us at (214) 275-5333 or visit DallasMediationLawyer.com.

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2525 McKinnon
Suite 550
Dallas, TX 75201
Fax: 214-651-6150
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Michael Johnson
MDRS-Mediation Dispute Resolution Service
Our firm specializes in helping clients with managing their conflicts and disputes. Because we are well versed in Mediation and Law, we know exactly what it takes to help in facilitating a resolution to the dispute at hand. We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that their mediation needs are met and exceeded. We ... more
10407 ColeRidge Street
Dallas, TX 75218
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